Culture - What do you mean by "我们再研究研究" in a negotiation?

by Wendy

 During a negotiation, there may be some misunderstanding due to different cultural backgrounds of two parties. When this happens, patience and understanding are indispensable. According to the traditional Chinese way of thinking, people often express their opnions in a tactful way instead of saying something that hurts one's self-esteem or makes him/her lose face. For instance, the other party would probably not reject you directly. Instead, they would say:


Wǒ men zài yán jiū yán jiū.

We'll discuss it again. 



Wǒ zài kǎo lǜ kǎo lǜ.

I will think about it again.



Rànɡ wǒ qǐnɡ shì yí xià.

Let me ask for instructions.

You have to figure out what he/she truly means. 

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