Phrases - 开绿灯(kāi lǜ dēnɡ)

by Wendy

开绿灯, literally means "turn on the green light", is now used to indicate "giving permission". 

As you know, traffic light are usually composed of a set of red, yellow and green lights. Vehicles should stop at the red light and go at the green light. If you "turn on the green light", that gives the driver a signal to go. Later, this term was expanded to refer to the situation when someone is given permission to do something. Sometimes the term is used in a derogatory way, when a green light is given to someone for something that is not entirely legal or appropriate.

For example:

1. 英国给华为开绿灯,同意华为参与5G网络建设。

2. 中国故宫禁止车辆入内,可是昨天有两个女子把车开进了故宫,是谁给她们开了绿灯?!



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