Singapore Cuisine - 海南鸡饭(Hǎi Nán Jī Fàn)

by Wendy 

海南鸡饭(Hǎi Nán Jī Fàn) - Hainanese Chicken Rice - is a dish of poached chicken and seasoned rice, served with chilli sauce and usually with cucumber garnishes. It was created by immigrants from Hainan Province in China and adapted from the Hainanese dish Wenchang chicken.

It is considered one of the national dishes of Singapore and is most commonly associated with Singaporean cuisine. It is eaten "everywhere, every day" in Singapore and is a "ubiquitous sight in hawker centres across the country".

More than that, 海南鸡饭 is not only popular in Singapore, but is also seen throughout Southeast Asia, particularly Indonesia and Malaysia where it is a culinary staple.

Almost every country in Asia with a history of immigration from China has their own version of the Chicken Rice. In Singapore and Malaysia, where the dish is often known as 海南鸡饭(Hainan chicken rice); In Vietnam, where it is called "Hai Nam chicken"; And in Thailand, where it has been renamed "khao man gai" ("fatty rice chicken").

The secrets in 海南鸡饭

the rice:

The rice for the Chicken Rice is long-grain indica rice from Thailand. Stir-fried with chicken oil, ginger, red onion and lemongrass, fragrant pandan leaves and whole garlic with skin, the rice is simmered slowly in order to let the rice fully absorb the chicken broth.

Unlike the fluffy taste of chicken rice in other places, in Malacca, rice is squeezed into a round ball, continuing the old ancestral habit of Hainan.

the chicken:

If the production of rice incorporates many local elements, the skill of cooking chicken originates from the ancestors of Hainan Wenchang in China.  

Cover the whole chicken with salt first, then scald it repeatedly in the micro-rolled chicken broth to avoid over-aging of the chicken in the rising water temperature. A experienced chef knows to adjust the number of scalding according to the weight of the chicken.

After that, turn off the fire and let the white chicken simmer for 45 minutes in the calm chicken broth.

Finally, the chicken is ready. The skin is soft and smooth, the meat is not fat but juicy, the most fascinating part is the jelly-like gel between the skin and the meat.

 the dips:

The dips need to be made fresh every day. With the grated ginger is topped with hot sesame oil and chicken oil, the aroma of the white dip is stimulated at the same time.

The scented Kulai peppers are paired with fresh chili peppers, garnished with garlic, served with the sour taste of Southeast Asia-freshly squeezed lime juice, and then mixed with chicken broth, the red dip is sour, spicy and fresh.

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